Interactive Reading Programme Stage 1 and 2 + Magic Fun Book 1 to 8 + EtutorStar Learning Pen

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Interactive Reading Programme is an English Language series specially designed for pre-school children. It aims to equip children with basic pre-reading and pre-writing skills at an early stage of their cognitive development, thus enabling them to embark on their Primary School studies with a sense of confidence.

The series has a thematic structure. It encompasses four themes namely, People, Non-living Things, Nature and Animals. Within each theme are three core components – Story-Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary. The aim is to enhance the child's linguistic sensitivity while simultaneously stimulating creativity and logical reasoning ability.

Interesting story plots, visually appealing story characters, and fun-filled, entertaining activities help develop children's interest in reading, writing, thinking and expressing themselves in English. In addition, there are useful grammar notes and references for the teacher.

This Magic Fun Bilingual Series aims to encourage children to learn through playing. When kids are playing happily, learning comes naturally.

As children fall in love with learning English and Chinese, all the content of series will become lodged in their minds.

This series builds up the knowledge of sounds, letters and associated words. It guides kids step-by-step into the world of literacy.

语言 Language:Chinese and English 中文与英文
出版商 Publisher:E-COM EDUCATION
重量 Weight:6.6kg

*此商品将由艺通教育 (E-COM EDUCATION)寄出

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