Fly, Oli, Fly! 飞吧,小欧欧! (0-4 yrs old)

In “Fly, Oli, Fly!” find out how Baby King helped Oli a baby owl in Pasir Ris Park succeed in doling something very important. Oli was learning to fly but he fell to the ground many times. With d lots of encouragement from Baby King, he did it. Together they learn the importance of not giving up but when trying to do something important.

This is Book 4 of "Baby King and Friends“ series.

这本书讲述小金金如何在白沙公园里,帮助小猫头鹰成功地完成了一件非常重要的事情。小欧欧正在很努力的学习飞行,但他尝试了很多次,一直失败,摔倒在地。正当小欧欧垂头丧气时, 小金金给予了很大的鼓励。终于,小欧欧成功地做到了。


作者 Author: Chew Lee Ching 周丽青

语言 Language:Chinese / 中文

出版商 Publisher:Chew Lee Ching

重量 Weight: 450g

*此商品将由友谊书斋Maha Yu Yii寄出

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