Interactive Reading Programme Stage 1 and 2 + EtutorStar Learning Pen

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Interactive Reading Programme is an English Language series specially designed for pre-school children. It aims to equip children with basic pre-reading and pre-writing skills at an early stage of their cognitive development, thus enabling them to embark on their Primary School studies with a sense of confidence.

The series has a thematic structure. It encompasses four themes namely, People, Non-living Things, Nature and Animals. Within each theme are three core components – Story-Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary. The aim is to enhance the child's linguistic sensitivity while simultaneously stimulating creativity and logical reasoning ability.

Interesting story plots, visually appealing story characters, and fun-filled, entertaining activities help develop children's interest in reading, writing, thinking and expressing themselves in English. In addition, there are useful grammar notes and references for the teacher.

语言 Language:Chinese and English 中文与英文
出版商 Publisher:E-COM EDUCATION
重量 Weight:3.2kg

*此商品将由艺通教育 (E-COM EDUCATION)寄出

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